In the Moment


9/30/18 Based on John 21 "In the Moment" Series, Derek Dapena

Titled "That's What I Should Be Getting."

  1. Read 21:1-3, why were 7 of the disciples fishing? What had just happened amongst them and their city?

  2. What things do you go back to when you don't 'see' or 'feel' God moving or when you feel like a failure? Why is it important to personally believe returning to the past will never be God's vision for your future?

  3. Read 21: 4-14, why do you think Jesus went to the disciples at this moment? Briefly share how Jesus has met you lately at just the right time.

  4. Read 21:15-19. Put yourself in Peter's place, how would you feel if Jesus asked you those questions? Do you relate to Peter and if so, how? Why is it important for Peter to say out loud how he feels about Jesus? Why is this important for you?

  5. Read 21: 20-23, without naming specific names, who's calling do you admire or desire and why? Who's calling do you find yourself judging, doubting or critiquing?

  6. Read 21: 24-25, how does your path look different or similar to those around you (family, friends, co-workers, etc)? Do you believe that Jesus has a specific and personal path for you? Looking back, share how you are convinced His hand has been in your journey. How does this encourage you now?

  7. You have a story, one Jesus is still writing in your life. Will you personally commit to letting go of wanting someone else's path or identity? Will you ask the Holy Spirit to help you listen and obey when Jesus says "Follow Me" and keep your eyes on Him? Share with your group.

Leon Sandoval