Camp Kid 2018

Based on Camp Kid messages from the life of King David 7/15/18

Read 1 Samuel 17

  1. What is your worst fear? How does this thought impact your daily life?

  2. Do you recognize your thoughts or situations you have responded to by feeling frozen or paralyzed? How do you continue forward in the face of these fears?

  3. The Israelites were paralyzed by fear, and Goliath remained confident in his own strength and self-belief. Share a time you felt like the Israelites because your opponent was so big and overwhelming? Share a time you related to Goliath, putting faith in your own talent, strength, or self might.

  4. How did God meet you in those places and use those struggles to grow your faith in Him?

  5. David, a young shepherd boy, showed up to the scene. His faith in God's power brought a completely unexpected victory; a third option that blessed all of God's people. When has God showed up unexpectedly to provide victory in your life?

  6. God, through the person of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, brings us the power to face our fears. What is He asking you to surrender to him, so you don't have to carry the weight of it anymore? Why is it important to lay our fears and burdens at His feet?

  7. God promises the Presence of Jesus will always be with us. How does recognizing and acknowledging His presence change your daily moments? Do you have a spirit of anticipation and expectation that God is moving in your life?

Leon Sandoval