Heaven and Earth: 1 Thessalonians

Based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, please read verses 12-28 as homework

  1. God used one event, the parting of the Red Sea, to do two different things. For his children, the Israelites, God created a pathway for liberation from oppression and slavery. For the Egyptians, God brought destruction and wrath. Why does it have eternal implications now, where you choose to sit with the Judge of all creation?

  2. Read Matthew 24:36, why is it important for us to trust God and not debate the time and details of the second coming of Christ?

  3. Read verses 4-5, what promise and encouragement is Paul giving the Thessalonians and how does this encourage you?

  4. Why does living out our spiritual identity as 'children of the light' matter in our daily struggles and circumstances?

  5. Read verses 6-8, what does Paul mean when he talks about being sober-minded and not drunk?

  6. How are you fighting like a spiritual soldier, in verse 8, with faith, love, and hope? How does choosing to live in the light, impact this?

  7. The moment we stop stepping into our calling, we forget our identity and can start to drift away. What are some personal temptations that Jesus is asking you to surrender at his feet today, so you can step fully into His light?

  8. Read verse 9. As children of the light, God promises us an eternity with him in perfection. Knowing we are destined for something so much more, will you ask the Holy Spirit to help you live with an attitude of joy, expectation, and commitment to press forward?

  9. Read verse 11, how are you intentionally building up those around you? Who will you commit to pray for right now?

Leon Sandoval