Palm Sunday

3/25/18 Based on Matthew 21:1-11 Palm Sunday Teaching

  1. Read Matthew 21:6, as the disciples obeyed Jesus when he asked them for help, how are you, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, responding when His Spirit asks you to help? (sharing the gospel, sacrificing your time, or in other ways?)

  2. As disciples of Jesus, we need to have personal disciplines to keep our heart and mind fixed on Him. As a Jesus follower, what daily disciplines do you practice to abide and remain in Jesus?

  3. What things distract you or occupy your time, keeping you away from encountering Jesus in everyday life?

  4. Read Micah 6:8, how does God’s command in Micah relate to Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem?

  5. Humility prepares the way for a greater work! How can your intentional humility influence those around you? What does humility look like to you?

  6. Read Phil 2:5-8. Why is it important to ask “God, how would you have me use the authority you’ve given me as a father, mother, boss, husband, wife, parent, grandparent, friend, daughter, son, leader, etc?”

  7. When has your agenda or desire impacted God’s authority and power in your life? Why do you think it requires self-sacrifice and humility to grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ?

  8. Based on verse 11, why does the response of the people in Jerusalem change from “Hosanna” to “he’s a prophet from Nazareth of Galilee”?

  9. When you slow down, assess, and examine your current life, what do you think it reflects about who you say He is?

  10. How does acknowledging Jesus as the Way, Truth, and Life impact your daily worship? Based on who He is, and His perfect love for you, would you be willing to let His Word, through His Spirit, be your personal daily guide?

Leon Sandoval