God is the Giver of all good things, Creator, and King of the Universe. God’s very character is one of immeasurable generosity, demonstrated by the giving of His Son for our salvation and abundant life. We see to reflect His generosity through our giving, which brings Him great pleasure.



Give Online

Giving to God through the local church is way to honor Him in our daily lives. A natural result of generosity is that it acts as an antidote to envy and covetousness. It fuels a thankful heart and propels us to good works for His glory. Giving is a pure act of worship, an acknowledgement that God is King and we belong to Him. We encourage everyone to give without going into debt.



Other Ways to Give


Placing your checks or cash in the giving baskets or boxes on the back auditorium walls.

Pros? The tradition of writing a check, or preparing cash, and then giving it away is an intentional worship practice. New Community receives the entire amount, as there are no transaction fees.

Cons? This is the most time-intensive method; when attendance fluctuates, giving fluctuates, while day-to-day operational expenses remain steady. Cash donations are harder to record for tax purposes.


Create New Community as a vendor with your bank or credit union and schedule weekly, monthly, or one-time gifts that come through the mail directly to New Community.

Pros? Ease, consistency, no transaction fees.

Cons? “Out of sight, out of mind” can disconnect the giver from the act of worship.


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