Women’s ministry is a chance for women to build strong, authentic relationships while getting more in depth with their relationship with Jesus. Through seasonal bible studies and skills classes, we come alongside you to assist spiritual growth.  



Women's Bible Study

There are bible studies offered throughout the year in the Fall and Spring. Each study is offered on either a Tuesday night or Thursday morning, and go through a topical study as a group. Childcare is available.

To learn more or ask questions, contact womens@sdchurch.com.



Women's Skills Class

This is a 12 to 15 week comprehensive and Christ centered program to encourage people to journey through their identity and become a more whole person. Some of the topics that will be addressed are family of origin issues, past relational wounds and the process of healing through forgiveness and repair.


For more information and to ask questions, email skills@sdchurch.com.


Women’s Day Retreat

Join us for a day of Cultivating Health :: Mind, Body & Soul 

We will spend intentional time in the Word, fellowship, and response as we practice healthy practices to cultivate in the new year.  Our time will consist of both full-group sessions under the teaching of psychology professor and counselor Liz Powell as well as small group time in response breakouts.

Breakouts Include:

  • Clean Eating :: Learn how clean and whole food fuel every area of your life and impact the functioning of your body.

  • Healthy Moms :: Tips & tricks for mothering healthy, having regular self-care practices, and mothering from scripture.

  • Prayer & Reflection :: Open time for individual reflection, silence and prayer. Also have others that would love to pray with you.

  • Get Moving :: Participate in a Revelation Wellness workout session (have you ever used drumsticks when you workout?)

  • Healthy Emotion :: A brief look into Women’s Skills and process through one of the activities for cultivating health in your own emotions and actions.

  • Create :: Spend some time getting your craft on as Studio Connects leads us in a response designed to get our creative side connected to the Creator.

Saturday, January 26
10:00AM - 3:00PM

$30  |  Lunch included 
Scholarships available

Please register by January 22nd

Questions? Contact womens@sdchurch.com



The Deaconess are a group of women who help care for those in need, through prayer, and hospitality.


The Illumination Project

A six-week Bible-based study by Joy Eggerichs, and her father Emerson Eggerichs. This series captures a conversation between the two of them in front of a live audience as they tackle topics including:

• Love and Respect as it relates to the generation of 18-35 year olds

• Marriage, dating, singleness

• Male/female relationships

• Faith/Beliefs about God

• Life’s wounds

Dinner at 6:30pm followed by the DVD study and conversational discussion questions at the Swanson home.

Meals Ministry

If you identify a possible need for meals in your small group friend, a Bible Study friend, a family member, or even yourself - you can use this link to let us know. Use it if someone you know is having surgery, introducing a new baby, has had a loss in the family, has medical issues going on or enduring a hard time in life. 

A Meals Ministry organizer will get in touch with the person or family and we will take it from there!

If you’d like to help by joining the meals ministry team, please use the button below to contact Nancy Weber.

Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ