In this House

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3/17/19 Pastor Derek "In This House" series

Based on Isaiah 59:1; Luke 7, 15; Acts 17:24-27

  1. Have you ever thought someone was too far gone or lost to be rescued into the saving grace of Jesus?

  2. Read Isaiah 59:1, who in your life have you thought is beyond God’s reach? What can you do to share the Truth, Way and Life to the ones that seem the most lost in your perspective?

  3. We have individual and varied life experiences in relationships, upbringing, age, season, our personality or life-altering events - just to name a few. We were provided examples of the Rebellious sinner (Luke 7) and the Religious sinner (Luke 15). Have you had a personal experience of either of those, or ever considered yourself one, or something in between? Share God's story of grace in your life.

  4. Read Luke 15, Pastor Derek goes to great length to describe the scene at the home of the Pharisee where Jesus has been invited. Both the Rebellious and the Religious are in attendance. What are the demeanor and intentions of both the “woman from the city” and the Pharisee? Why is this important?

  5. In Luke 7’s parable of the Prodigal Son - Have you ever imagined a tragic or terrible scenario for yourself, only to experience the opposite of what you anticipated? What did that feel like? If you were the loyal and righteous oldest son, how would you have reacted to the return of your lost brother?

  6. Read Acts 17:24-27, take a moment to ponder the enormity of God’s creation, then repeat that through the passage of all time and all the souls who have come and gone, as well as those now sharing a spot on Earth. This is your appointed time in history and your place, you are purposed for such a time as this. How are you living intentionally worshipping God with your time, gifts, relationships, and body?

Leon Sandoval